Hi, my name is Julia.  I set up Paws Pet Care in 2014 to meet the growing demand for dog walkers that is a reflection of our busy lifestyles and people struggling to find the time to walk their dogs, or people concerned about leaving their dogs home alone for hours on end while they are at work. 

Dogs are social animals that ideally need to get out at least once a day to see the world and stay mentally and physically healthy.  

Dogs who do not receive enough exercise often resort to unwanted behaviours at home like chewing, digging and barking to relieve their boredom and vent their frustration. Imagine coming home to a dog who is relaxed and calm rather than a hyperactive dog that is itching to go out.  Giving your dog the opportunity to get out to the park and run and play with other dogs will make him/her, and you, feel much better!  

I offer social walks (for sociable, vaccinated dogs – maximum four dogs off-lead at a time – sometimes five including my Kelpie, Fletcher).  I also offer one-to-one on-lead walks for entire male dogs, female dogs on heat, dog-reactive dogs, and dogs who have not yet been taught a reliable recall.  I can help with training your dog and improving his/her recall.  Many of my social group dogs started out as one-to-ones with me and with a little training of dog and owner they are now happily integrated into group walks.  

I receive referrals from local veterinarians and professional dog trainers who know that dogs need regular exercise and mental stimulation to be healthy, happy and well-mannered, and less likely to exhibit problem behaviours.  

Among my clients are a vet, a dog trainer and a dog breeder.

I also provide a home visiting service if you go away and need someone to look after your pets.

My credentials:
I have an honours degree in psychology and am a qualified dog trainer (IMDT).  Over the last 20+ years, I have worked as a vet nurse and at an animal shelter in London, and have volunteered at dog kennels, dog training clubs in London and Perth, and volunteered for over 10 years as a dog walker for people who are unable to walk their dogs due to illness/disability.

I also volunteer at my local dog and cat shelter, Animal Protection Society.
I am up to date with my Dog First Aid (certificate below – August 2017).

Much of my spare time is spent studying dog behaviour and training techniques and I prefer to use positive reward-based training than other methods. You’ll always see me with a bag of high value treats (chicken, cheese, polony), various toys, positive energy and lots of interaction with the dogs to help keep their focus on me.

My education, maturity, responsibility, reliability, experience and confidence with animals along with my caring nature means that you can rest assured your pets are provided with the best care possible in your absence.

I have a current police clearance, character references, and am insured for pet services and public liability.

To discuss your requirements or for more information please call me on 0458 515 915

or email julia@pawspetcare.com.au   facebook_badges