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I have transcribed a few of these below:

We are so pleased to have found Julia after our last dog walker moved areas. We were looking not just for a dog walker but someone who could help advise about training too.
She has been walking our large 2 year old dog for around 18 months now. They go for 3 social walks per week.
We were experiencing some challenges with our pups behaviour, mainly being over boisterous with other dogs and having unreliable recall. She was also causing some destruction at home when left alone. Julia has helped so much, both giving us ongoing advice about encouraging the behaviours we want from our dog and also training her whilst on the walks. We have noticed a huge improvement in her behaviour. She is so much calmer, no longer destructive and now plays really well with other dogs. Her recall has become very reliable, so we feel much more relaxed on walks and enjoy our outings heaps more!
Julia goes above and beyond to help, being both flexible and very reliable with her work. When our dog was scared by builders and bolted she even took time out to help us look for her, which showed how much she cares and understands how important our pet is to us.
We really like getting photo and video updates of their walks. The dogs are always having loads of fun, are well controlled and positively rewarded.
We highly recommend Julias services if you are seeking a trustworthy, caring and skilled dog walker and trainer.
Thanks a lot Julia – our pup looks forward to seeing you soon :)
Lorna, Winthrop

Julia has been walking our West Highland Terrier ‘Archie’ twice a week for over a year now and to say he looks forward to the sound of her van pulling up is an under statement. Julia’s extensive knowledge of good dog behaviour has improved Archie’s recall and other obedience traits. We definitely recommend Paws Pet Care to look after your dog.
Carol, Leeming

Most wonderful change in life for my furry mate.
Finding Julia has changed the life of my old mate. After losing our old cat I became very concerned that my boy was fretting for his life long friend. I found Julia by accident but it has been the best thing that has ever happened. I can now work all week and not worry that Tobi is home alone all day. Now he has other furry friends and he is sociable with other dogs for the first time in his life. He is a very very happy boy. I couldn’t ask for more. Thank you Julia. :)

Chris, Leeming

I met Julia on the beach yesterday – she was walking 4 dogs and I had my little adolescent puppy who in the last month or so has just started to show some naughty behaviour around other dogs, and his lack of training was really beginning to show. I was really feeling my inexperience with dogs (as he is my first dog).
Julia gave me some tips as we walked along the beach on what I could do to improve my puppy’s recall, his resource guarding and his interactions with other dogs (he has started to become a bit snarly/cheeky with new dogs over the past month). Julia had four dogs with her, one of which was her own, and she had them all completely under control – I was amazed at how in control she was.
Julia’s dogs came when she wanted them to, sat in front of her when she wanted them to – they were like putty in her hands, and they were having an absolute blast on their walk. Julia assessed new dogs approaching on the beach, occasionally moved her group up towards the dunes as other groups of dogs passed, rewarding her dogs constantly for their excellent behaviour, pointing out what my dog was telling me with his body language in certain situations – this is a person who knows so much about dogs, who is very generous with her advice and her walking group were just an absolute pleasure to be around. She was fun, played with her dogs and was totally connected to her group at all times – these dogs just wanted to please her – they clearly adored her.
I am so grateful to have met Julia on the beach – I have learnt so much from her. Having seen Julia in action on one of her walks I will be highly recommending her to my friends and family.
Thank you so much Julia!
Lorraine, Coogee

Darcy has lots of new best friends thanks to Julia
I met Julia while being dragged around a park by Darcy my Doberman.  I watched Julia training what I thought at the time was her dog. She was so patient, loving and playful and it was clear this dog was having great fun. Julia has changed not only my dog’s life for the better but also mine. I am much more confident now letting Darcy off lead and Julia has trained me how to train my dog. Darcy goes out twice a week with Julia and she loves her time with her furry friends. I highly recommend Julia.
Kim, Canning Vale

Excellent and dedicated dog walker/trainer!
I met Julia when I was unhappy with my previous trainer. We discussed what I wanted to achieve & I’ve never looked back since! Stara was diagnosed w/ bilateral hip dysplasia & was due for surgery in 4 weeks. Regardless of time constraint, Julia showed dedication, patience & unconditional love for Stara & we’ve achieved a lot in the few short wks together.
Julia is currently helping me with Stara’s post op care and Stara loves it when Julia is around. Only regret is why I haven’t found Julia sooner!
Anna, Kardinya

Happy dog – happy owner!   We are so pleased to have found Julia to walk our beloved 43kg pup! We have found Julia to be very reliable and always keeps in contact with pictures and texts from the fun walkies and playtime. She offers a free meet and greet which gave us the confidence to know our dog is in very capable hands and importantly for us is being disciplined and managed safely. We are so happy to come home to a tired well behaved happy dog! Already recommended to others. Thanks from us all!
Mandy, Bateman

I just wanted to send through a quick reference for Julia at Paws Pet Care and commend her excellent care of Tink. Upon meeting Julia, I immediately felt that Tink was in good hands and she has proven to be extremely reliable. She has a specially equipped van to transport the dogs safely and takes her out to a variety of parks and beaches.  Tink absolutely loves Julia and is ecstatic when it’s time to go out.
Her behaviour and recall has improved with Julia’s help and she was able to give me some training tips that have been invaluable. She has a kind and calm manner that the dogs respond to and I am extremely happy to leave Tink in her care. I also like the pictures and videos she regularly sends through while out with Tink.
Julia’s service is both extremely good value and  priceless in the joy she gives Tink with her care.
Ainsley, Murdoch

I greatly appreciated Paws Pet Care walking my anxious dog while I was working long hours or sick. Jade has issues, due to her anxiety, yet Julia did a great job of ensuring Jade was appropriately managed, while still enjoying her outings. She also worked magic on Jade so that Jade was more confident and calmer in situations she struggled with previously.
Wanda, Coolbellup

We left Julia with three dogs of varying ages and abilities over Christmas and I am so glad that we made the decision to use her! She did a really fantastic job; the dogs were happy, stimulated and we were able to enjoy our holiday so much more knowing that they were in great hands. I also really appreciated Julia’s help in working over the Christmas period. We will definitely be coming back and I would really recommend Julia as someone who’ll do a great job of caring for your dogs.
Helen, Rossmoyne