Services and Pricing

Services Provided are Dog Walking, Dog Training and Pet Minding.

I cover the following suburbs:
Bull Creek,
Coolbellup (parts of),
Canning Vale (parts of),
Jandakot (parts of),
North Lake,

Included in the price of your service is travel up to 8km or 12 mins from Radnor Street, Leeming.
If you live in a bordering suburb you may still live within the above limit e.g. parts of Booragoon, Bibra Lake, South Lake etc.


I offer social group walks, special needs walks, training walks, and reactive-dog walks

On social group walks, the dogs are off-lead and able to interact with each other, run around (or potter about if they prefer), explore sniffs together, play with me, each other and a variety of toys, chill out together etc.  I call the dogs to me many times during the walk, reward them and release them again.  Even the ones who start off slow to respond soon speed up when they see the other dogs getting treats! 

When grouping dogs, consideration is given to your dog’s age, size, energy level and temperament. I have social group walks for older, slower dogs who just want to potter and sniff everything, as well as group walks for the younger dogs who want to chase balls or play with each other.

Social group walks are $27.50 plus GST per dog (2 dogs same house = $47.50 plus GST).
(see the NB paragraph below if you’d love your dog to join a group walk and they are pretty good with social skills and recall but you know they are not 100% reliable yet).

includes pick up from your home, transport to a local park, a walk of at least 45 minutes, and drop home. Examples of parks we go to are Piney Lakes Reserve, John Connell Reserve, Canning River Regional Park, John Creaney Park, Shelley Reserve, Morris Buzacott Reserve, Alan Edwards Park, Prendwick Park, Vellgrove Park, and Willetton Park.  Total trip time can be up to 2 hours or so depending on the sequence of pick ups and drop homes. The dogs are transported in my air-conditioned van that is customised with built-in crates. Dogs can have their own space or shared space depending on their needs. There are windows for them to see outside. They enjoy having the company of other dogs and being driven to different houses and seeing who’s coming and going.  Sometimes they’ll play in the van with their special pals.

Social walks are for non-reactive, vaccinated, desexed dogs (or puppies/adolescents who aren’t sexually mature, or unspayed females who are NOT on heat) with reliable recall (i.e. come when called) and good social skills.  These dogs can safely interact with any other social dog and be safely walked at any park.

NB: The initial walk(s) for all social walk dogs is $55.00 plus GST to cover an assessment of the dog’s social skills, play style, and recall abilities. This initial price will continue until I am confident in the dog’s reliability at any park, with any other dog. Initial walks are on a harness with a long-line. Sometimes I reduce the $55.00 plus GST to $40.00 plus GST as an interim measure when the dog is pretty good but still requires extra intervention from me.  Some dogs can reduce to $27.50 plus GST within a couple of walks.  Other dogs it might take a couple of months (and it depends also on how frequently I am walking them e.g. 4 times a week would produce quicker results than once a week).

Special needs walks are for non-reactive dogs who have to be walked 1-1 or on a lead i.e. not suited to social group walks or off-lead walks. I use a 5 or 9 metre long-line for 1-1s to give the dog more freedom whilst still maintaining control.  These walks are $55.00 plus GST/45 mins (includes pick up, drive to appropriate place, 45 minute walk, and drop home).

Training walks – see below under DOG TRAINING

Reactive Dogs – see below under DOG TRAINING

Additional information regarding ALL walks
All walk prices are based on regular scheduled weekly walks (i.e. 1 to 5 walks every week) and include texts with photos/videos of your dog on the walk, and after the walk a text to let you know where they’ve been and what they’ve been up to.

We walk in all weather.  I towel-dry wet dogs before returning them home and, in the hot weather, stick to leafy shaded areas to walk, reduce fetch games, and ensure the dogs have access to plenty of water (which I smooth over their heads, backs and bellies to cool them down). Usually there is a nice breeze so the dogs are quite happy hanging out together in the shade.  On extremely hot days or torrential storm days, I may need to cancel walks at short notice.  In hot weather, I don’t walk dogs on pavements or sand – only grass to avoid scorched paws.


  1. Ad-hoc weekday walks (i.e. not regular scheduled weekly walks) carry a $5.00 plus GST surcharge per dog per walk.
  2. Weekends, Public holidays, and peak holiday periods – As there are no scheduled group walks on these days, social dogs are $55.00 plus GST per dog per walk (2 dogs same house = $65.00 plus GST), special needs dogs are $65.00 plus GST per dog per walk, training walks are $75.00 plus GST per dog per walk,
    and reactive dogs are $90.00 plus GST 
    per dog per walk.

Please contact me for more information or a free meet and greet on 0458 515 915 or email


I have an honours degree in psychology and am a qualified dog trainer:

I offer 1-1 training and coaching for puppies, dogs and their owners. I can help you with your dog’s basic manners and address common issues you may be having e.g. won’t come when called, pulling on leash, jumping up, digging, chewing, nipping, barking, stealing things, house-training etc.

The initial session is conducted in your home and includes the initial assessment and training plan. This is $155.00 plus GST/90 mins. Follow-up sessions are $65.00 plus GST /45 mins and can be conducted at your home or in your local area/parks.

Training Walks: After you’ve had your initial assessment and training plan session (see above), I am happy to do Training Walks as part of the overall Training Plan for your dog.  These are 1-1 on-lead walks where I can teach your dog focus/connection with handler, loose-leash walking, come, sit, stay, give, leave it, down etc.  These walks are $65.00 plus GST/45mins.  Training Walks can include the client too should you wish to receive coaching.

Reactive Dogs: 
I am experienced in walking and training dogs who are reactive (e.g. barking, lunging, chasing, heightened anxiety) to other dogs (or other things such as people, cars, busy places, bicycles, vets etc). We refer to the things that set our dogs off as ‘triggers’.

There are a number of different strategies I employ to reduce a dog’s reactivity to his/her triggers e.g. 

  • focus on building the dog’s confidence with games and training and an approach that builds trust (most reactivity is caused by insecurity and is an attempt by the dog to make the scary thing go away – and as this strategy usually works the dog quickly learns that lunging, barking, chasing etc are effective responses), 
  • keeping the dog below his/her tolerance threshold by ensuring appropriate distance from the triggers,
  • giving the dog time to mentally process the triggers at a safe and tolerable distance (and very gradually over time reducing that distance),
  • redirecting the dog where appropriate to perform behaviours he/she knows well so that he/she has something else to do/ think about rather than reacting inappropriately (i.e. increasing the dog’s behavioural repertoire by teaching him/her fun training games such as look at the trigger then look back at me, ‘find it’ (scatter treats), ‘catch’, ‘let’s go’, ‘this way’, ‘sit’, ‘down’, ‘catch me if you can’ and so on, gives you and your dog options on how to respond when you see a trigger rather than defaulting to anxiety and barking and lunging),
  • rewarding un-prompted check-ins (eye contact with me) and calm responses,
  • doing calming activities with your dog to keep his/her arousal levels low and his/her thinking brain active (rather than his/her reactive brain),
  • creating a positive association with seeing the triggers,
  • remedial socialisation (when appropriate) with known dogs that will ignore the reactive dog and give him/her space and show the reactive dog appropriate behaviour (much reactivity is caused by the dog having poor social skills or poor coping skills due to a lack of appropriate socialisation. By observing other well-mannered, confident dogs, the reactive dog can learn more appropriate ways to behave in the presence of triggers and thus gain confidence).

The initial session is conducted in your home and includes the initial assessment and training plan. This is $185.00 plus GST /90 mins. Follow-up sessions are $80.00 plus GST /45 mins and can be conducted at your home or in your local area. After you’ve had your initial assessment and training plan session, I am happy to offer 1-1 Training Walks for reactive dogs as part of the overall Training Plan for your dog.  These walks are $80.00 plus GST/45 mins.  These walks can include the client too should you wish to have coaching.

NB – For ALL Training Clients:
Many of my regular social group dogs started with me with a lack of training, poor social skills, lack of confidence and/or reactivity issues.  By both clients and myself working with the dogs over time, and with gradual introduction to my own dogs and other dogs, I have successfully integrated many of them into my off-lead social group walks much to the owners’ delight.

Here is one review from Facebook:

Julia has helped my boy Jax and myself in ways that I thought wouldn’t be possible. Julia goes above and beyond and I couldn’t ask for someone better to help share this experience with. Julia has helped develop and nurture my relationship with Jax and also his relationship with the world. He is a happier and healthier dog and contacting Paws Pet Care has been the best decision I have ever made for the well being of my furry companion. When Julia first started walking and training Jax, he was a dog that couldn’t enjoy his walks, let alone enjoy other dogs companies. Now, only a few months later, he is off leash, exploring the world and gaining friendships and skills I didn’t think would happen for him. Paws Pet Care is worth it and I wish there were more Julias in the world for all the doggies out there that need her.

For other reviews see my ‘Testimonials’ page on this website or go to the following links:




Additional Information for all Dog Training:

I cover the suburbs listed above under ‘Dog Walking’. Travel surcharges may apply if you live elsewhere. 

The methods I use for training are 100% force-free and reward-based.  I focus on facilitating clear communication, strong bonds and trust between owners and their dogs. I teach owners how to meet their dog’s emotional, mental and physical needs, and how to build their dog’s ability to make good decisions that are in alignment with how we wish them to behave in any given situation.


While you’re away, I can look after your pets e.g. feed/water, give medication (ex-vet nurse experienced at giving pills, eye drops, injections etc), water plants, collect post, scoop poop, clean litter tray, open/close curtains, lights on and off etc.

$30.00 plus GST/30 mins

If you only require that your dog(s) are walked while you’re away (i.e. someone else is feeding them etc), the charge is as per dog walking above.

Please contact me for more information or a free meet and greet on 0458 515915

or email

Terms and Conditions for ALL SERVICES:
Please provide payment in full prior to/or on the day off the delivery of services.  

Cancellation for regular dog walking customers – please provide 24 hours notice of cancellation in order that I can fill your dog’s space, otherwise full payment is incurred.
Cancellation for other customers – if a request for services has been agreed and forms have been completed then a cancellation fee of 25% of the total applies if cancelled more than 7 days in advance of the commencement of services. If cancelled within 7 days of the commencement of the service then 50% of the total is payable.