Services and Pricing

Suburbs Covered

I cover the following suburbs:
Bull Creek,
Canning Vale,
North Lake,
Included in price is travel up to 8km or 12 mins from Radnor Street, Leeming.
If you live in a bordering suburb you may still live within the above limit e.g. parts of Booragoon, Bibra Lake, South Lake etc.

Additional travel surcharge applies from 8.1kms or 12.01 mins from Radnor St (whichever is greater) as determined by google maps :
$5.00/8.1-10km, $10.00 10.1-12km
or $5.00 12.01-14 minutes each way, $10.00 14.01-16 minutes each way.
Unfortunately, I am unable to service clients >12km or >16 minutes from Radnor St, Leeming as time spent driving is time I am unable to spend helping my clients and their dogs.

Dog Walking
I offer social walks (max 4 dogs – occasionally 5 including my kelpie, Fletcher, only if each member of the group is very reliable) and one-to-one walks.  We go to a variety of parks/beaches in my air-conditioned van.

On social walks, the dogs are off-lead and able to interact, run, sniff, and play with me, each other, toys etc.  I call the dogs to me many times during the walk, reward them and release them to play again.  Even the ones who start off slow to respond soon speed up when they see the other dogs getting treats!  

When grouping dogs, consideration is given to your dog’s age, size, energy level and temperament. I have social group walks for older, slower dogs who just want to potter and sniff everything, as well as group walks for the young dogs who want to chase balls or each other and run around like mad things with each other.

These social walks cost $25.00 for 60mins which includes pick up from your home, a walk of at least 45 minutes, and drop home.
($40.00 for two dogs in the same house).
($55.00 for three dogs in the same house).

Examples of parks we go to are Piney Lakes Reserve, Beeliar Regional Park, John Connell Reserve, Canning River Regional Park, John Creaney Park, Shelley Reserve, Morris Buzacott Reserve, Samson Park, Alan Edwards Park, Prendwick Park, and Willeton Park.

Please note:  I can only accept non-aggressive, vaccinated, desexed males, and females not on heat for these walks. 

One-to-one walks are for dogs who have to remain on-lead.
These walks are $25.00/30 mins, $32.50/45 mins or $40.00/60 mins.
NB: Some dogs on this tariff come on group walks if they are social dogs but need some work on their recall.  I will let these dogs off-lead if/when I feel they are ready and it is safe to do so.
Two dogs same house: $35.00/$45.00/$55.00.
Three dogs same house: $45.00/$55.00/$65.00

NB:  A number of my clients’ dogs have started off as one-to-one walks as the owners have been afraid to let their dogs off-lead.  By working with the dogs, I have successfully integrated them into my social off-lead walks which has resulted in significant improvements in the dogs’ behaviour at home.

Walk and Train – these are on-lead walks where I teach your dog focus/connection with handler, loose-leash walking, come, sit, stay, leave it, down etc.
These walks are $40.00/40mins

Dog-reactive dogs:  I am experienced in walking dog-reactive dogs on-lead and employ a number of different strategies in managing the reactivity e.g. keeping them below threshold, creating a positive association with the trigger, jolly routine, high value food/toys, redirection, avoidance of trigger, turning around, keeping focus on me etc.
These walks are $40.00/30 mins or $55.00/45 mins.

We walk in all weather.  I towel-dry wet dogs before returning them home and, in the hot weather, stick to leafy shaded areas to walk and ensure the dogs have access to plenty of water (which I smooth over their heads, backs and bellies to cool them down). Usually there is a nice breeze so the dogs are quite happy.  On extremely hot days, I tend not to walk dogs between 11am and 3pm as it is too uncomfortable for them. On these days, walks will be before 11am or after 3pm.  In hot weather, I don’t walk dogs on pavements – only grass as we don’t want to scorch any precious paws.

I am happy to text videos of your dog out on walks with me so you can see how much fun he/she is having.  I also use my Paws Pet Care Facebook Page to post videos of walks.

Ad-hoc walks (i.e. not regular weekly walks) carry a $5.00 surcharge per dog per walk. 
Weekends – $8.00 per dog per walk,
Public holidays, and peak holiday periods $10.00 per dog per walk.
Travel Surcharge – see above.

I offer training for humans who are struggling with their dogs and can show you how to address many of the common issues e.g. won’t come back to you when called on walks, digging, chewing, nipping, barking, jumping up, pulling on lead etc.

This training includes:
a background to why dogs behave the way they do;
how a dog learns;
communicating with your dog;
how to get your dog to listen to you;
addressing unwanted behaviour;
the importance of food in your relationship;
how to train your dog to be a well-mannered member of your family.

I charge $120.00 for an initial 2 hour session at your house.
Thereafter, additional training is $60.00 per hour.  If recall is the main issue you have, we can use this time at a park to practise what you’ve learned. 

Please contact me for more information or a free meet and greet on 0458 515 915

or email

Home Visits

While you’re away, I can look after your pets e.g. feed/water, give medication (experienced at giving pills, eye drops, injections etc), water plants, collect post, scoop poop, clean litter tray, open/close curtains, lights on and off etc.

I charge:
$25.00/30 mins
$30.00/40 mins
$32.50/45 mins
$35.00/50 mins
$40.00/60 mins
(can include walking of one non-reactive dog).

Two visits per day:
2 x 30 mins $45.00

2 x 40 min $55.00
2 x 45 min $60.00
2 x 50 min $65.00
2 x 60 mins $75.00

If you only require that your dog(s) are walked while you’re away (i.e. someone else is feeding them etc), the charge is as per one-to-one dog walking above.

Please contact me for more information or a free meet and greet on 0458 515915

or email

Please provide payment in full prior to commencement of services, on a week-to-week basis.  

Please see section above entitle “Surcharges”.

Cancellation for regular dog walking customers – please provide 24 hours notice of cancellation in order that I can fit another dog in instead, otherwise full payment is incurred.
Cancellation for other customers – if a request for services has been agreed and forms have been completed then a cancellation fee of 25% of the total applies if cancelled more than 7 days in advance of the commencement of services. If cancelled within 7 days of the commencement of the service then 50% of the total is payable.